We implement a three month multifaceted approach to long term weight management that focuses on food selection, short term medications, vitamins, and a gentle exercise program. Together with our medical knowledge, a nutritionist and an exercise physiologist we have a program that will work for a lifetime.


Our goal is to prevent disease associated with poor nutrition and obesity. Obesity has been linked to sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and joint disorders.


Take the time for exercise and proper nutrition NOW before you lose your time to disease and immobility.


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Weight Loss


We are pleased to announce a medically supervised weight loss program designed to transition into real life. This is an achievable life alteration tailored to each individual. Our program goal is to make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE with diet and exercise. Short term weight loss is ideal, keeping it off is the issue. There are numerous publications that have shown yo-yo dieting to be detrimental to overall health. The KEY here is CHANGE. Our health depends on long term weight management. Processed food, fad diets, and long term weight loss drugs are UNREALISTIC, UNHEALTHY, and UNSUSTAINABLE.



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