We Specialize In Restoring Your Balance.

Shane M. Frankl FNP-C  is uncommonly gifted in his understanding and management of the Endocrine System. Through his unique BioIdentical

Hormone Replacement treatment plans, he has helped many people attain meaningful improvement from a variety of dysfunctions—

and he can do that for you!

Jamie  Nieto-Fletcher PA-C was drawn to the Frankl clinic because of the similarities in practice philosophy and patient care.  Traditional methods only treat symptoms and thrive on increased office visits and more medications with a plethora of side effects.    She will provide tailored plans for a variety of dysfunctions such as traditional illness, hormone optimization,  thyroid management, weight loss and nutrition.

Shane M. Frankl FNP-C

Jamie Nieto-Fletcher PA-C

At Frankl Clinic PLLC, we are passionate about helping people.


Do you suffer from fatigue or lack of sleep? Are you tired all the time?  Do you feel depressed?  Do you continually fight weight gain?   Do you feel like your memory is gone?  Do you feel moody? Have you lost your sex-drive?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you might be surprised to know that many common conditions are often caused by an imbalance in the Endocrine System. The Endocrine System is made up of many glands, hormones and organs that work together to operate your body functions.


As a clinic, we approach healthcare differently than most traditional providers. Unfortunately, the typical patient experience with traditional health providers is frustrating, costly and ultimately leads to more medications and declining health. At Frankl Clinic, we focus on producing a healthier YOU. We do not throw medications at symptoms.


We do not treat you like a number. Frankl Clinic is engaged and they  listen to their patients. They establish a rapport that enables open and honest communication, which is critical to successful healthcare. We are here to serve you and genuinely care for you. You will not be rushed in and out without receiving the attention you desire and deserve.


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"The THYROID is the backbone to a well balanced Endocrine System."

                                                                            ~Practicioner Frankl

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