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Practitioner Frankl will perform a very thorough, comprehensive exam and review, including extensive focus on the Endocrine System, on all new patients. From the information he gains in the initial exam, he will identify the areas with which he can help you. Most people, men and women, are in need of hormone balance, whether it be Thyroid, Adrenal, Gender Specific or a combination.  Sadly all of these areas are often overlooked, misdiagnosed, mistreated or simply misunderstood by many healthcare providers. But because this is Practitioner Frankl's specialty, he will work to find the root cause of whatever problem you may be experiencing and create a treatment plan customized for you. Simply put, the cells of the human body do not function properly without balanced hormones. Often, once the hormones have been properly replaced and balanced, the cells are restored and are able to do their jobs throughout the body.  In many cases, this process gives the body the opportunity to repair itself.


Through his work, Practitioner Frankl has found that many conditions, maladies and syndromes can be treated, improved and even reversed by proper and BioIdentical hormone replacement therapy.



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